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2023 Kia NIRO EV

All-New niro eV

The time is finally right for your EV journey to begin. Step forward with confidence as Niro leads you to inspiring new adventures. Niro makes EV driving simple and worry-free. With a maximum estimated driving range of 407 km, Niro is ready to take you on every adventure and back without limitations.

Explore the Kia Niro EV now, here at Bannister Kia, and be one of the first to drive this segment-defining model!

Interested in complete information on the 2023 Niro EV? Research the Niro EV!

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Performance & Range

Go the distance, worry-free.

Winter? No problem.

Interior Design & Features

Front-Seat Comfort
Standard heated front seats are also available with air cooling and a convenient driver seat memory function.
Smart Power Liftgate
The available hands-free liftgate opens automatically —and lets you set a maximum opening height to suit your needs.

Front-Mounted Charging Point

Provides easy access regardless of a charger’s position relative to the vehicle.


Kia Digital Key 2 Touch

The next generation of digital connectivity turns into a secure key, allowing you to lock and unlock the doors and start the Niro EV without the need for a keyfob. A Share Key function lets you share full or restricted access on family members’ phones.* 

Remote Smart Parking Assist

Niro EV’s available Remote Smart Parking Assist lets you park with the press of a button, while you stand by and watch.  

Safety Features

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist detects traffic approaching from the side at the rear of the vehicle and uses audio and visual alerts to warn you. It can also apply the brakes, if needed, to prevent a possible collision

Lane Keep and Follow Assist

To help you stay safely in your lane, Niro EV’s Lan Keep and Follow Assist senses when you inadvertently cross over the lane markings and trigger warnings to alert you: if you take no action, it guides your vehicle back into its lane.

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2023 Kia NIRO EV

All-New niro eV The time is finally right for your EV journey to begin. Step forward with confidence as Niro leads you to inspiring new

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