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learn about your air and cabin filters

The importance of your cabin and air filters

Engine Air FIlters are key components from protecting your engine from dust and debris, ensuring your engine works at its best in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. 

Cabin Air Filters are crucial for maintaining clean air inside of your vehicle, filtering out allergens and pollutants. With all the extreme weather we’ve been experiencing in Canada lately, it is becoming more important than ever to keep our air quality high.

And remember, if you need a helping hand or expert advice, we’re just a message away, ready to assist you in ensuring your car remains in top shape.


Air Filters significantly enhance a vehicle’s fuel efficiency by ensuring adequate airflow, essential for combustion. A clogged air filter restricts this flow, causing poor efficiency and sometimes even performance.

To find your air filters, they typically are located in a rectangular box inside your engine bay close to one of the fenders. Your owners manual may have instructions on how to locate and get your air filters.

To inspect your air filters, simply remove them and check for dirt, debris, discoloration, and light permeability. If light doesn’t pass through when held up to a strong source or if it remains dirty after being lightly dropped on a hard surface, it’s time for a replacement.

Keep in mind, if you require assistance or professional guidance, we are only a message away, eager to help you maintain your car in its best condition.


The Cabin Air Filter may be called many different names, dust and pollen filter, fresh air filter, and others. They are play a crucial role in your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. 

They filter allergens, dust, bacteria, and other pollutants before they enter your car’s air vents. There may not be a light on your dashboard of when to replace them. Early signs would be weak airflow from your vents or an unpleasant smell coming from the vents.

Checking cabin air filters can be somewhat challenging, as their location varies by vehicle. Often, they’re situated behind the glovebox, though specifics can be found in the owner’s manual. The inspection process for cabin air filters is similar to that of engine air filters, as previously described.

Should the task of replacing cabin air filters seem daunting, feel free to schedule a service with us for hassle-free replacement!

Suggested maintenance intervals

Knowing when to replace your filters can be tricky but here is a basic guideline regarding our filters:

  • Engine Air Filters: typically we recommend changing them every 36,000km or once per year
    • However, if you frequently drive in harsh conditions, more frequent changes may be necessary due to increased dust and debris accumulation.
  • Cabin Air Filters: in general we change these every 36,000km once per year.
      • More frequent replacement may be needed if the vehicle is driven in areas with heavy traffic, areas with poor air quality, or areas with high dust levels

Contact our experts to help you choose the correct filters for you!

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